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I’ll help you break free from your anxiety and pain, so you can reconnect with who you truly are.
Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic - Phoenix Hypnotherapy

Phoenix Hypnotherapy Clinic is a beautifully calming, professional and confidential center in the Cleveland Business Precinct, which provides a private and soothing environment.

At Phoenix Hypnotherapy, we work together to achieve positive life changes and overcome obstacles and blockages within your personal or professional life.
Perhaps showing up as disease, unhappiness, anxiety, poor nutrition and especially sleep disorders.

Feel like yourself again and finally move forward in your life!

Anxiety, Trauma, Phobia, PTSD

Imagine being able to achieve what you want in life without the constant struggle. Imagine bounding out of bed each day, feeling energised and positive about what the day will bring. You can leave behind the fear and the doubt and the hardship.


Weight Loss

There’s no denying it – trying to lose weight can be a long and challenging journey. If you’ve ever tried and failed to lose weight before then you probably know just how frustrating it can be – especially when feelings like stress, low self-esteem and boredom crop up.

Quit Smoking

Want to quit but just don’t know how?
I help smokers who have failed to quit in the past finally become a non-smoker in 90mins.


Childrens Anxiety

Clinical Hypnotherapy & psychotherapy for Children can assist with childhood anxiety, bed-wetting, separation anxiety, anger management, sadness, coping with bullying, childhood asthma, tourettes and tics, childhood traumas, stomach issues including IBS and Rumination Syndrome and so much more. 

Chronic Pain

Have you been in pain for a long time? Migraines, back pain, fibromyalgia, unexplained chronic pain?  
Let me help you reduce your levels of pain and restore your quality of life.


Reiki Healing

Reiki accelerates the body’s healing ability and opens the mind to the underlying causes of disease and pain, thus providing support and balance in life, not only on a physical level but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



The 7 Step Formula to Let Go of Guilt and Trust Your Parenting Skills

You too, can learn to let go of what you can’t control, and leave guilt, worry and anxiety behind once and for all. Learn to confidently lead the way for your family and love unconditionally no matter what happens in life. 
Feel fearless, strong and trust your inner voice. Make peace with yourself and learn to accept that…


This FREE Hypnosleep audio will help you move away from the constant worry, frustration and anxiety. Learn to relax, make peace with yourself and let go of the negativity.

Discover how the strong power of hypnosleep therapy will help you relieve stress and tension! This guided relaxation will leave you feeling energised and ready to reconnect with your inner knowing, so once again, you can lead your family with confidence!


What do YOU want to CHANGE today?

You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.​

You’ve wanted to find a way to take back control in your life and stop the suffering from anxiety, stress, and phobias?

No matter what you do, what medication you take, it just keeps coming back again and again.

​You’ve wanted to stop smoking.​

You’ve wanted to lose weight.

​Chronic Pain has been controlling your life.

​Isn’t it time to finally take control once and for all?

We know that inner-critic in your head tells you a whole lot of different stories;  you need to smoke to keep calm… losing weight is so hard to do… I’m such an idiot for feeling so fearful and anxious… why do I find it all so hard?

Imagine what it would be like to finally quieten that inner-voice and to discover how incredible  you actually are. Imagine what it would be like to finally discover how to become stress and anxiety free in your life… or to be that ‘non-smoker’…or to look in the mirror and feel fabulous!

Phoenix Hypnotherapy is all about working with people who are suffering to help you have all the tools and strategies you need to be the best version of you that you can be and to have a rich, meaningful life.

The Truth about Hypnosis

You will encouraged to break through limiting beliefs or fears that have blocked you from being your authentic self and achieving the changes that you wish to see in your life, break old patterns and embrace your unlimited potential.

I truly believe you have the answers; it’s simply a matter of facilitating the communication through specialised skills and proven advanced techniques, for your conscious and unconscious minds to clear the blockages and agree on your desired goals. 

Specialising in healing and support for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD
  • Phobia
  • Quit Smoking
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Management or Release
  • Low Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Sports Performance
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Life Purpose
  • Children’s Emotional Health

Treatments are available in Clinic

Phoenix Hypnotherapy Clinic is located very close to: Alexandra Hills, Amity Point, Birkdale, Capalaba, Cleveland, Coochiemudlo Island, Dunwich, Karragarra Island, Lamb Island, Macleay Island, Mount Cotton, North Stradbroke Island, Ormiston, Peel Island, Point Lookout, Redland Bay, Russell Island (Moreton Bay), Sheldon, Thorneside, Thornlands, Toondah Harbour, Victoria Point & Wellington Point. Beyond can include Mount Gravatt, Carindale, Manly, Wynnum, Brisbane.

And by Zoom or FaceTime:

You can also schedule an online session.

Meet Lynne

As a Therapist, I know this is my calling. I absolutely light up like nothing else when enabling the change my clients’ desire. In fact, my clients experience rapid shifts as we develop the therapist – client relationships; cultivates trust and confidence and creating the safety needed to provide a hands-on, engaging way toward a desired outcome.

Doing something meaningful and applying myself to support and facilitate transformation for my clients is paramount. It is my absolute commitment and passion, in a personalised way, in facilitating my client’s goals through a process of inquiry, problem-solving, application and achievement. My true aspiration is not just to get you to the place you yearn to be, but to also help you develop your own inner-trust and self-reliance, so that, when the time is right, I can step away, and watch you soar. 

The core driver of purpose, passion, expression and flow in work and life is such a big part of who I am. In doing this change work, I have developed a high level of skill, BUT it is also largely taken up in service of doing the work as your therapist. Staying “surface level” just isn’t an option. I am driven to learn, to discover, to entice out nformation, wisdom and knowledge from where it has always been…within you! 

As I meet each and every client who enters the doors at Phoenix, I find I come alive with purpose and, fully expressed in a healthy way, deepen into meaning, flow, connection and joy. 

Please, come and join me at Phoenix, relax in the comfiest chair you will ever find and immerse yourself in the tranquility, the safety and confidential space. While together, we overcome obstacles, clear blockages and old ways and move forward into a magnificent, promising future.

Adv.Dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy, Adv.Dip.Psychotherapy, Adv.Dip.Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki Master, State Secretary, AHA QLD-Australian Hypnotherapists Association AUTHOR – A GOOD ENOUGH MOTHER, The 7 Step Method to Let Go of Guilt and Trust Your Parenting Skills

Lynne Lumley - Phoenix Hypnotherapy
phoenixhypnotherapy-brisbane 2021

Accredited by Industry Associations

Lynne undertakes Clinical Supervision with Dr Rob McNeilly who is regarded as one of the World’s leading authorities on Hypnosis and Brief Therapy. Dr McNeilly was a student of Dr Milton Erickson who is considered the most influential Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist of the last century. All training is accredited by the government and industry associations.

Sarah said....

Before coming to see Lynne, I was an anxious, stressed and exhausted first time mum with a lot of held on trauma from my pregnancy and birth and beyond. Since working with her, I have managed to release these issues - and fall pregnant again and have a normal pregnancy even though I suffer from Hyperemises Gravidarium. She has enabled me to feel empowered within myself and confident enough to tackle the world head on. My anxiety has gone and I am now able to sit down with my son and enjoy making memories with him, instead of worrying about cleaning the floors every day. I sleep better, eat healthier and my mood has changed 180! I can not thank Lynne enough for all the hard work she has put in for not only myself, but for my growing family. Without her, I hate to think what I would be like. She has shown me there are other ways, methods and techniques to work through my triggers and issues rather than typical mainstream medicine, prescriptions and the typical psychologists.

A massive thankyou!! -


Searne said....

Lynne, I just wanted to let you now that after our sessions I’m still Panic attack free!

Although there’s been loads of stress this year my body and mind simply just don’t go into panic – it’s like you flicked the switch off. I’ve also been incredibly healthy this season without any illnesses that have flattened me or caused me to stop moving!


Amy said....

I have gave birth to my 3rd beautiful child 5 months ago now. Everything was going great and I was enjoying my time with the kids while on maternity leave. Come Christmas eve I started to become anxious from the ordinary pressure of hosting Christmas, but later that night suffered a severe panic attack which felt like a heart attack (honestly didn’t know if I was going to die or not). Day by day my anxiety increased till a week later it was constant 24 hours 7 days a week. I would try go to sleep and not be able to breath. I was so anxious all day I wouldn’t eat, was scared to go out in case I get stressed and have another attack and I just was not as present to my kids and husband as I normally would be. I went to the doctors over 6 times and just told it was hormone imbalance and offered valium. The last Dr I saw listened more and diagnosed me with with PTSD and anxiety from a traumatic birth and prescribed antidepressants. I did start them as I was desperate to feel normal however they can take over a month to help and have bad side effects. I usually am not the type of person to open up about feelings and I knew this would be a postpartum depression/anxiety … but I have three children and I want to be the best mum I can be and so I asked for help on my mum’s page. I saw someone suggest Lynne. At the time I would not consider myself a spiritual person and did not believe in hypnotherapy nor any of those natural methods of healing but everyone seemed to be doing it now and I was desperate to feel normal again.. After the first session I was around 80 % back to normal and by the second absolutely anxiety free. I had only been on my antidepressants 4 days so it was definitely the therapy and the deep breathing techniques I was taught from Lynne that helped. I had one more consult to finalize my hypnotherapy and I was also taught meditation. I can’t thank Lynne enough for what she has done. I’m so happy I don’t feel that nervous anxiety for no reason and I can be a good mother, wife, and take my kids out and not feel scared about having another horrible attack. Some people suffer anxiety for decades and I conquered mine in less than a month thanks to Phoenix.


Melissa said....

I went to Lynne specifically to get help in overcoming my fear of public speaking. I got that and so much more! Not only do I now present confidently, I feel calmer on a daily basis. Lynne was able to help me remove some of the unconscious blocks and the flow on effects have been huge. I’ve noticed big improvements in my relationships.

In particular, I’ve been able to stop over reacting to my children, which has allowed me to parent more effectively and feel happier in general. Thank you Lynne for helping clear the fog!


Jules said....

Hypnosis to me, is the key to realigning Mind Body Soul Spirit. My initial reason for going to see Lynne was to project my voice, with goal in mind of being able to get up in front of strangers and do Karaoke without fear, and without losing my voice. That’s how the session started, but it turned into so much more when I realised there is always an under lying reason why I couldn’t project my voice. I discovered I’d lost my ability to be an assertive person, I’d become submissive, and that certainly wasn’t how I wanted to be living my life.

I walked out that first visit realising if you really want to change something, you can. I felt very enthusiastic about all the changes that were about to happen. And they did, huge amounts of changes. I had 3 sessions with Lynne over a couple of weeks. I went back a couple weeks after that and had a 4th, just to tie all the changes together and to see how I’d gone in putting everything into practice. I felt like I was living life like I’d never lived it before and had calmness & clarity of mind. My new favourite saying is Ease & Flow. Hypnosis to me is the best tool available and Lynne Lumley is fabulous in what she does.
Thank you Lynne, much appreciation,


Talitha said....

Lynne at Phoenix Hypnotherapy is incredible. I started seeing Lynne while pregnant with my daughter. I had suffered some extreme emotional trauma, anxiety, depression while also suffering from Hyperemesis Gravadium. I was on a number of medications to help with nausea, eating, sleeping, vomiting etc. After three sessions with Lynne I had stopped all medications. After my first session with Lynne I went home and slept a whopping 9 hours which I had not done in a few years. I felt extremely rested and calm. We set a number of goals at my ignition consultation and by my last session I reached all of them and a few extra we had. Lynne helped to guide me with a number of breathing and calming techniques to help during labour. I had a calm, non verbal 3hr birth which I highly believe is due to Lynne. She taught me how to listen to my body and helped me realised I am in control of it and my life. I am so thankful for her and this company. I also had my daughter complete a Reiki session due to anxiety, nightmares and separation anxiety. I was unsure how she would react but when we went home I felt like she was a calm and she also then slept through a whole night. The crying outbursts also dropped dramatically in a short time frame. Anyone thinking about giving clinical hypnotherapy a try please just give Lynne a call. You will not regret it.


Melissa said....

I went to Lynne specifically to get help in overcoming my fear of public speaking. I got that and so much more! Not only do I now present confidently, I feel calmer on a daily basis. Lynne was able to help me remove some of the unconscious blocks and the flow on effects have been huge. I’ve noticed big improvements in my relationships. In particular, I’ve been able to stop over reacting to my children, which has allowed me to parent more effectively and feel happier in general. Thank you Lynne for helping clear the fog!


Brad said....

Big shout out to the beautiful Lynne from Phoenix Hypnotherapy. Lynne is one of my sponsors as my sports performance and mindset coach, the time she has given me has helped me a huge amount in the little time we've been working together which has also led to myself winning 2 titles. For anything to do with mindset, hypnotherapy and reiki healing, just to name a few things. Lynne's your lady!

Brad, (Muay Thai)

Karen said....

Karen had suffered with chronic Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for 15years – so severe, she was barely able to sleep, let alone function and was under the neurologist care to assist management. 6 sessions and her life has been transformed…

“I have to say that I feel so lucky to have met you. When I walked into your studio for the first time, you were my last resort to get my life back to what people refer to as ‘normal’. You are a lovely person and a little bit of a miracle worker as well. Thanks for all your help while I was going through the difficult times, it really was of great benefit to me and helped me survive and cope. I have my life back again and feel a million dollars and it’s all because of you."


Sheree said....

I have to say I found my hypnotherapy sessions with Lynne to be totally empowering! She helped me find my "inner coach” and start making progress on my life goals. I couldn’t believe how I found myself changing some habits into more positive ones, automatically. I cannot thank Lynne enough for giving me the kick start I needed to get back on track. If you need some perspective in your life, I would highly recommend Lynne for some insightful hypnotherapy!


Gemma & Kelly said....

I would highly recommend people to have a Reiki session with Lynne! I went in feeling stressed and anxious and when I left? Wow! I was a totally different person! So calm, well rested and energised, I didn’t have a care in the world. Thanks so much Lynne, I'll definitely be coming back for a second session.


Cannot recommend Lynne enough - she's amazing and you will leave feeling like a new person.


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